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I am a happily married new mom who loves exploring, creating new adventures and loving on my sweet daughter. I am a K-2 teacher who is now staying at home with my little one! Welcome as I explore all things a part of my sweet city love!
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After spending most of this morning in my apartment (...i mean bed) reading my favorite travel blog I've ever stumbled upon, I can now thank my iPad for holding me hostage and keeping me from my studies.  Bah!  I LOVE the blog The Everywhereist and feel it's now taken a hold on me.  I want to write like this.  While trying to keep track of our travels, I lose focus.  Who am I writing for? The 3 people reading this (thanks mom & dad!) or for C and I? When I was the awkward age of 10, I was so good at keeping a journal.  I even wrote down all my dreams (literal dreams...not plans for my future) and honest to god I feel like I remember them when I go back and unlock my journal from it's secret hiding place.  That's how I want to write.  Capture the big and little stories, the feelings, the laughs and the kick me in the a** frustrations.

Life, and certainly travel, is not one big glass of lemonade.  Sometimes it is, but sometimes it's a sour and slightly moldy lemon.  It's what you do with the lemons that makes for a memory.

How can I create memories in the New York Public Library?? Well, while sitting in my small cubicle for day after day, I've realized that this is MUCH better than being in our apartment.  Here, I have people to watch, stories to create in my mind and beige (not white!) walls to distract me.  I've noticed that many people seem to be flipping through tomes or studying for the Bar.  One library patron is clearly over 60 and is doing Bar review...did he really just finish law school? A mystery that will only leave me with unwanted conversation with the said gentelman, bah humbug.  I've also learned, and seen, that others find underwear completely unnecessary - don't ask how I know.  Everyone is going about their day, all wanting a little company while they do their solo work, and all while under the watchful eye of the......

...reading room guard!!!!  BEWARE! He is after nappers and snacks! I have to be on high alert to quickly hide my granola and figi water (a rebel...gasp!) or it will be snatched away by the patrolman.  I see him in the distance now, looking for his next victim.  Brewhahaha!

So, here I sit, exhausted, unmotivated and dreading these TWO exams tomorrow, yet feeling inspired and motivated by what I feel will make me a better writer and this blog more "me".

Side note - I am regretfully poor at taking pictures.  I try and try and want to snap everyday moments.  However, either the camera gets left in the black hole that is my bag or I feel weird taking a picture of my food.  So here is someone else's image that leaves me smiling and one that makes me laugh.  Enjoy!

My goodness, I love corgis!



music lullaby

I enjoyed a fantastic dinner with a great friend last night! It was wonderful to catch up, laugh, and tell stories over vino and homemade dinner.  Smile :)

As I hit the books, I've discovered I need to listen to some tunes to help me focus. While this "album" has been around forever, I've found this music lulls me like no other! It's before noon and I've listened to it twice already.  LOVE Norah Jones this week!

Before I get trapped in the NYPL (public library...), I stumbled into Old Navy this morning and found this cute navy dress, which is perfect for casual happenings around town or to accessorize for wine at a vineyard...yeah!
and I also bought this great print dress from Gap! Can I pull off this print?? I hope so!

It's fun having 2 new things that will make the suitcase for Napa! 

Less than 1 week until we jetset!


vacation dreams...

While studying the skeleton and learning all 206 bones (bah!), the dream of our upcoming vacation to the Napa Valley is spinning around my head!

Our west coast vacation is almost here. Non-humid days, chilled nights, rolling hills of vineyards, dinners and family - I am SO ready!

I'll dream of candlelit dinners in Napa...

and savory bruschetta with a glass of chilled sauvignon blanc


a large glass pinot noir and a selection of cheeses (the perfect dinner after a day of lounging poolside...)

Until then, I will just have to imagine being here:
 studying on this gorgeous beach, with a picnic, a cold corona and a delightful beach read for when learning about the skeleton becomes a thing of the past

And when the sand gets annoying (because it always does), I'll happily move to the glittering poolside!

vacation dreams...


we came, we saw, we laughed!

This weekend was simply unforgettable.  I know that sounds a little extreme, but it really was! It was one of those weekends where everything fell perfectly into place and the laughs, food and events just kept coming.

We made it to many of the tourist places that C's brother wanted to see.  I actually love doing them. Give me an open agenda, a backpack and a map, and I'll explore all day long (it's the Lawson gene in me!).  We saw central park, chinatown, little italy, greenwich village (3 stops at joe's pizza...genius), chelsea market, ground zero, wall street, battery bark, brooklyn bridge, times square (day and night), even a RL photo shoot and took a million subway and taxi rides.  We had a great time together and really enjoyed being with one another for these past 3 days!

Now, as they say, the night time is the right time! We saw the broadway show Avenue Q, tried authentic korean food on a 3rd floor in Korea-town, went to a comedy club, had multiple tastings at a tequila bar, and, of course, ate amazing food and crafty cocktails.  Really, it couldn't have been any better.

The Show:
Avenue Q was GREAT.  We got 40% off tickets for the Saturday night show by standing in the TKTS line in Times Square. I've never done the discount line before and, honestly, it wasn't bad at all!  And at the end of a short 40 min. wait, we got great seats all together at the show we wanted to see.  Avenue Q is a timeless story that tells about a recent college grad trying to find his purpose.  He moves to the far away Avenue Q in new york and meets many characters (Rod (the Republican), Kate Monster (the girl next door), Lucy the Slut (hah) and so many more).  The show has the most seamless blend between actors and puppets (now, now...don't pre-judge - these were awesome puppets!) I would go see this show again and again.  We all laughed and laughed in this small off-broadway theater.  The creativity was genius, the acting was top notch and the fuzzy characters were so well developed.  The humor was cutting, sly and hilarious. Stop what you are doing right now, come up to nyc (say hi to us!) and go see Avenue Q.

The Comedy Club:
This was our first time ever at a comedy club and my goodness, it did not dissapoint.  The show was amazing and something I'll remember for a very, very long time. We stood in the standby ticket line (after deciding to go on a whim, while having cocktails in SoHo) at the Comedy Cellar in the Village hoping to get some reserve seats for the 11:00 show.  At 10:55 we found out that we were in (it helped to be numbers 3, 4, and 5 in a 60 person line...great timing, check!)! The show had us curled over in laughter with tears in our eyes for a full hour and 1/2.  The talent was insane.  Each of the 5 comedians had their own delivery style that was simply true talent. The small basement (or cellar...what is the difference??) had a small stage, tightly packed seats and a low ceiling.  The comedy was fresh, creative, incredibly offensive, and seemed like we were all old pals having a great laugh together.  The line up included Sherrod Small, Dave Attel, Gary Gulman, Kevin Brennan and Ted Alexandro.  I smile ear to ear thinking about this comedy blend of perfection.

Ok , so this was much longer than intended.  All in all, everything was a blast.  Avenue Q, the Comedy Club and this eccentric yet delicious Korean place were highlights that I won't soon forget.  Now, off to the movies to recover!  Forget taking a nap, there is a Nickelodeon concert right outside our window.  Shrieks of small children makes relaxing a tad difficult.  Oh, new york!

love, love, loved it!

Enjoying some canned corona during Avenue Q (why not?)
head downstairs for a great time ;)
Dave Attell - sharp, creative, offensive and hilarious
Lunch at the Shake Shack - a picture says a thousand words
Chinatown fish market
Little Italy - not nearly as authentic and innovative as Chinatown
ba bum, bum bum bum bum bummmm.  Oh, just trying another case on the steps of the law & order courthouse.
New York Stock Exchange.  I love the large red, white and blue!
And of course, saw the Naked Cowboy. Check it off the list!
at an RL studio in Queens



Having lunch at google today.  Oh, just another day in the city!

The teacher in me loves this "google" of the Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle :) 
I miss my kids (ahh, I said it! A teacher is not supposed to admit to such things during the summer!).

Also, C's brother is coming today for the weekend!! Once he hops off the greyhound, there will be so much to see and do.  This is his first trip to NYC so we'll have to make it memorable.  

On our weekend "i want to see" list:
  • Central park (my favorite spot)
  • A ride to the top of the Empire State building to see the city at night (perfect, it's right next door)
  • Tequila bar (yum)
  • Korean bbq
  • Music (Harlem, perhaps?)
  • Staten Island ferry
  • Union square greenmarket
...and so much more!


travel pretty

Feeling the need for pretty pictures today.  A few pictures that left me smiling (while in the library, and that's hard to do!).

pink peonies in mason jars, smile.  something just like this would brighten up the white, white walls in our studio apartment!
Dining al-fresco on bright green grass sure makes my heart swoon right about now!
Travel just does that to you - makes you feel so loved and grateful for the beautiful places on this earth.  Not to mention makes you smile at the memories that are created with the one you are traveling with!
LOVE this idea as a way to make lasting memories of a special trip.  I can see doing this for some of our favorite European cities.  A dot map for Paris, London, Amsterdam and yes, even Manhattan.  Pop into a cute frame and you've got instant art!
oh, so true

While I don't pretend to give this tiny blog any world changing powers. I do like to think that C and I will have a place to look back to and remember this sweet city love!


city heat!

Walking on radiating heaters, and by that I mean the sidewalk, makes for a very HOT day.  Unless, of course, you are tucked away in the shade.  Sitting on a green, sturdy wooden bench donated by a man in dedication to a life of love with his daughters (how sweet!), I had several hours this morning to read under a shady tree in Central Park, watching the world stroll on by.

This morning was really unexpectedly pleasant.  I joined C for an early breakfast near Columbus Circle and walked with him to work.  I was invited to come along (in all fairness, it WAS the first time we ever thought of the idea!) while reading the morning news from the comfiness of my bed and stacked high pillows.  I popped right up, put on my hat and accompanied my man to work. Actually, I stopped about a block early from his building to find a comfy spot by the lake, where I would spend my morning studying (oops, I mean reading my kindle!).  I watched a toddler getting photographed in the cutest shirt and tie, a couple riding bikes and people, who most likely did not have a nice bed the night before, curl up to sleep on the grass.  The park welcomes all people with open arms.  It is peaceful, lush and green and puts smiles on people's faces (at least it did on mine!).  C and I decided to make breakfast together and strolls through the park on weekday mornings more regular, it was too nice to only let it happen once.

While it is easy to get caught up in the movement of the city, I stop and feel thankful for mornings like today.

Just where I was sitting!
Strawberries & Oatmeal - great start to the day

If only I had brought my bathing suit!
I love reading the dedications on each bench - many are so nice
it's huge!


happy belated 4th!!

Why is taking pictures of fireworks so difficult?? Evidence is here, see the pictures below. Fireworks setting - not so much success.

BUT, regardless of the lack of decent fireworks pictures, this 4th of July will be one to remember.  Living on 34th does have its advantages.  We were able to walk down a few (long, treacherous and tourist crazed) blocks to the Hudson River to view the Macy's Fireworks bonanza!! 

C found this great parking lot set up (forgot the name...) that had long picnic tables, beer and food and was right beside the Hudson - so, naturally, we settled right in. After enjoying microbrews (i love that nyc finds big-box domestic beer so lame) and eating pizza and tacos and korean bbq from the Kimchi food truck, we found a great spot on a bridge overlooking the Hudson right at 9:15.  After spreading out my vintage purple bath towel (circa 1997), we squished together and waited for the show to begin.

We saw not 1, not 2, but 6 firework shows all at once. There was nothing obstructing our view, all 6 barges along the Hudson were in clear sight (ahhh! amazing, right?).  The show was truly spectacular.  Each firework display was in perfect sync and showed off some of the most amazing fireworks I have ever seen.  

If we are ever in NYC for July 4th again, everything will be done in exactly the same way (it was that good!).  The food/beer lot we went to was under the High Line, beside these unique and colorful sculptures, and was right beside the Trapeze School of New York.  I am very interested...

Waiting for the fireworks show to begin!

Our fireworks picture (we tried)

The fireworks picture of someone who knows what they are doing...


sunday in the city

A lot to share about this beautiful Sunday in the city! A run down of today:

1. Purchased hand towels to use as makeshift towels for picnic in Central Park
2. Packed picnic lunch courtesy of Whole Foods
3. Found the perfect spot in Central Park right next to the baseball fields (games included)
4. Studied & read & watched baseball & picnicked for a few hours
5. Made it to Levain Bakery for the BEST cookies EVER!
6. Finally discoverd the mystical Trader Joe's Wine Shop. They only sell wine & we stocked up!

WOW! So much going on today! The temperature is perfect - a nice and sunny 85 degrees. Warm in the sun, blissful in the shade. We opened the window in our apartment and now have a nice little breeze. I have my second Anatomy exam tomorrow, so we tried to make the best of my need to study. A picnic in the park made studying tissues and cells not so bad. C is back to work tomorrow. I love these weekends we have together. There is no one else I'd rather be with - he makes drinking wine out of plastic juice glasses an adventure :)

We are thinking of the Alexander McQueen exhibit this week, a photography show nearby, and a movie. Will be in touch!

Our spot in Central Park

Our picnic lunch (notice the new, spiffy hand towels as the place to sit and put our lunch)

Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies at Levain Bakery
6 oz of Butter, Butter, Butter deliciousness

The cookies at Levain Bakery
To learn more about this heavenly bakery: www.levainbakery.com

On Friday, we went to this beer and wine bar "anotheroom." It was great - if you are a bat.  The bar had not a single light on (a few candles only).  It was pitchblack and made the dreary, rainy 8:00pm evening seem bright and cheery.  BUT, it has a great selection of microbrews and wine.  We'd go back :)

The Chelsea Flea Market on Saturday.  We did find a really neat collection of corkscrews.  It reminded us of this quirky and fun corkscrew museum we went to in Provence, France. 
 Here it is if you fancy a look: http://www.domaine-citadelle.com/anglais/historique.html

Last, but NOT least...Trader Joe's Wine Shop. Several bottles of Le Ferme Julien, our favorite, was brought home with us as well as a Vino Nobile from Montepulciano (our favorite town in Italy) for under $15.  Could this be the real deal?!? 


Lan Sheng

First...NYC lingo tip #1: 
We were corrected by friends over dinner last night that Greenwich is a town in Connecticut. “The Village" is how you refer to Greenwich Village here in the city.

How to use this new lingo in a sentence: We love the food tour we took of the Village and especially the cannoli from Rocco's!

The Village

Now my friends,

Our hustling, bustling, loud, bright and flashy neighborhood just revealed to us a small, quiet and delicious Szechuan Chinese restaurant.  If you are ever on 39th and 6th, pop into Lan Sheng for the tastiest meal north of Chinatown!  The tables were crowded with Chinese men and women (great sign), there were no forks and spoons on the table (only chopsticks) and we were brought a pot of hot tea instead of water (nice).  The food was great.  Chicken and broccoli and chicken with asparagus - simple, tender, and saucy - in a good way!  After our fortune cookies, we were brought 6 orange slices to cleanse our Szechuan palate.  And to make it just that much better, it was under $30.  Could this become a regular stop for us? Time will tell...

Lan Sheng during the witching hour - 8:00 pm

How to get there? : lanshengrestaurant.com/