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I am a happily married new mom who loves exploring, creating new adventures and loving on my sweet daughter. I am a K-2 teacher who is now staying at home with my little one! Welcome as I explore all things a part of my sweet city love!
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Pet Portraits: A Start-Up!

I think I want to start a pet portrait business (this girl can dream big dreams)! Taking pictures of dogs (my only subject so far...) has been so much fun! I love capturing the playful energy of my favorite pups! I could snap pictures of them all day.  Flowers are fine, people are nice but pets are perfect.  They are incredibly expressive in their eyes, in their body language and in the way they show admiration for the ones that love them most.  I have really, really been enjoying my camera.  I'm learning to see the details - the small moments that make life so wonderful.

I'm open for business - any pet portrait orders?!



Moving Day (for sis!)

New York City has a new resident! My sister and her handsome (especially in a dashing purple scarf crocheted by mom) lab mix are living in Brooklyn! She is SO happy and that of course makes us happy.  We loaded up her belongings into a yellow Penske truck and caravanned up to Brooklyn as a family.  C and I were a whole mix of darting emotions as we ventured back to our summer home, where Sweet City Love began.  

A few things dashing through our minds:
- "We're BACK!!!"
- "Oh my gosh, we're back - ruuuuun!"
- "Let's show everyone our favorite places!"
- "We could definitely live here!"
- "Is that a poop on the sidewalk?"
- "Is that man wearing pants?"
- "We could never live here..."

Clearly we are a tad confused. A lot of decisions will be made in the next several weeks about our future move. If New York calls to us again,  we have a better idea of where we would want to live and where we would not.  We know what it would take to make us feel comfortable and homey and what would make us weak in the knees (midtown, ahh!).  

Having my sister living in our potential new home does sweeten the pot quite a bit.  Things don't seem as uneasy when you have family right near by.  Especially family like her - caring, kind, funny, terrible with directions (like moi) and city savvy from the moment she arrived.    She is so brave to begin this new journey and who knows, maybe we'll be alongside her in a few short months (cue gasp, sigh and smile/cry)....  

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Photo A Day!

Yes, it is March 5 and I'm just getting around to deciding that I want to participate in the March photo challenge! I can catch up on March 1 - 4, no sweat.  This is the beauty of a snow day, I can get things done!  My new 50mm lens has been awesome and I can't wait to get creative in March :)  I hope to post most of my pictures - maybe in a weekly photo spread.  Here's to a new challenge!

Thankful for you!

With a lot of change happening in the next few months - a new job, a new city, a new house...sometimes it feels good to stop and smile about our most favorite day in the world.  We have so much to be thankful for and we try to remind ourselves of that as often as possible.  

So in a time of unknowns, let's hold on to what makes us strong - each other.

You make me...

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