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I am a happily married new mom who loves exploring, creating new adventures and loving on my sweet daughter. I am a K-2 teacher who is now staying at home with my little one! Welcome as I explore all things a part of my sweet city love!
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The Learning Studio

Blog friends!! Hello!! I read your blogs everyday but I cannot believe I haven't posted since little C was a few months old.  We have the most beautiful, amazing, joyful, spirited 18 month old now!

Since our family lives far away, I was trying to find a way to connect her to her aunts, uncles and grandparents in a way that is natural and meaningful (and not tied to something digital).   I made these photo tiles for Charlotte with pictures of her family and she LOVES them.  She puts them inside her little pocketbook.  She feeds her family pancakes at breakfast.  She pushes them in her baby stroller.  She's learned the names of her aunts and uncles.  They've been priceless.  I thought maybe other moms would enjoy something similar for their little cherubs.  The Learning Studio was born!  Send me an email (bevin.irby[at]gmail.com) and I'd love to create photo tiles (magnetic or non-magnetic) for you!  See my Etsy page for my details about ordering: www.etsy.com/shop/thelearningstudio