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Museum Monday

The girls and I went to two Smithsonian museums today and had the best time!! It started a bit rough without being able to find parking and I was cringing at the thought of telling C that we wouldn't be able to go to the museums.  We circled and circled and I was looking for the interstate signs to bail when we found a spot!!! It felt like winning the lottery!!

First, we went to the Air & Space and Charlotte was in total, jaw dropping awe.  She loved every little detail - especially this little mock-up of an airplane.  We learned about the planets and she was trying to make sense of the enormity of it all.  "So, if we live on earth, where do Mimi & Papa live?" Haha, I love age 3.  It's incredible! 

We had a snack in this gorgeous garden filled with tulips and then went to the Hirshhorn Gallery.  Charlotte really loved it more than I ever expected.  We talked about the art and how art looks so different.  Some artists use paint, others use metal and paper.  She was most interested in this egg shaped form that played with negative space.  She hopped off the stroller (the ride on is the best for museums!) and looked closer.  She really took it in, trying to understand how this egg could look full yet be empty.  Even the guard was smiling and her and told me I could take a picture of her with the exhibit (I didn't).  The highlight was the towering fountain outside that blew mist on us from almost every angle.  I love the picture below - this little girl ready to take on the world.  I MUST take the girls back every couple of weeks.  Their excitement was too contagious not to.  And E, she sat as happy as can be in her stroller the entire time.  I'm telling you - fresh air and you'll never hear a peep :)