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I am a happily married new mom who loves exploring, creating new adventures and loving on my sweet daughter. I am a K-2 teacher who is now staying at home with my little one! Welcome as I explore all things a part of my sweet city love!
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The Crib Transition

We are trying to make the transition from Rock N Play (a bassinet of sorts) to crib.  It's so not as easy or as seamless as I wished for.  The bassinet keeps her snuggled and cozy and the crib...well, it's just so big and cavern-like.  After researching tips and tricks online, I settled on one that makes her crib look pretty high-tech.  We've stuffed pillows underneath to raise her mattress and rolled up two blankets under her sheets to create bolsters.  I know, I know - "do not put ANYTHING in the crib with your baby."  It's ok, we're watching her and she's yet to spend a full night in her crib. We're just tackling naps so far - and that's a struggle.  The bolsters and incline are helping but we can tell her naps are not as restful as they are in the bassinet. Friends last night suggested moving her from bassinet to crib when she's super drowsy and won't really notice a change - great idea! I think we might try that tonight.  In good news, baby girl is out of her swaddle! I feel like that's a major hurdle that we are over - thanks to LC and her desire to be a free woman! It is so cute, when she is in her crib, she sleeps with her arms fully extended (in a T shape)...I think she likes the new space, she just doesn't quite know how to handle it all just yet.

We had a rainy weekend here in Virginia, so we played a lot inside and LC got introduced to her Jumparoo!  She wasn't so sure at the beginning...but is starting to really like it! She spins around (not so much bouncing up and down) but thinks it's pretty cool to be standing on those feet.  She'll be visiting it today as she watches mommy organize her newborn and 0-3 month clothes for storage (ahhh oh my gosh).

The weekend starting off with a little date with her birthday twin friend!

Our first date night since LC was born.  It felt great to go out to dinner and enjoy some time together, just the two of us.

 Jump! Jump!

LC was practicing rolling from back to side on Saturday!

Our rigged crib...pre-bolster


Is 30 The New 20?

This TED talk has been shared around on Facebook.  I am so glad I took the time to watch it. I wanted to save the video here so I can come back to it if the mood strikes!  Motherhood has made me so much more confident of a person.  I'm not sure if that's a normal reaction to having a 7 pound bundle of love join your family, but I feel more myself that I ever have.  I no longer feel like I need to be this idealized "me" (does that make sense?) but instead feel more confident in who I am, right now, at this moment.  I am the mother of a beautiful baby girl and that, just by itself, makes me feel pretty good.  I've also been thinking that as her mom, she will look to me for inspiration, for help in building her own self confidence and for support in all of the joys and struggles that life brings.  I have to make sure that I work on my best self so I can show her how to always reach for her dreams...

Quotes that really spoke to me from this TED talk:
"Do something that's an investment in who you might want to be next."
"Explore work and make it count."
"Invest in your identity capital."

Sometimes things come into your life at just the right time.  I've been thinking about who I want to become next and this might just be the catalyst I need...!



Slow down, baby!

Our baby has blossomed! We have a drooling, happy, smiley baby now who is wearing 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers! Woah!!!! When did this happen? She is such a joy as her personality is really starting to shine.  My prediction - we have an independent, opinionated thinker of a little girl on our hands who is loving, charming and really, really special.  She is pretty incredible.

Also, my Tog & Porter box came yesterday! I'm meeting with my stylist tomorrow to review the items and will post about it soon.  Upon first glance, I am really, really happy with everything :)