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I am a happily married new mom who loves exploring, creating new adventures and loving on my sweet daughter. I am a K-2 teacher who is now staying at home with my little one! Welcome as I explore all things a part of my sweet city love!
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Early to Bed, Early to Rise

We had the best visit with my sister this weekend! She came down on Friday morning and we had lots of outdoor time, made pizza, snuggled with LC (of course), went on long walks and had a cookout.  It was so special that she took the time out of her insanely busy schedule to take the bus (which can be pretty rotten) to see us! LC loved being with her and I love that she will grow up knowing she has an aunt who loves her so much!

She also got a good dose of "babies aren't quiet, cute and cuddly all the time" when it took us awhile Friday night to put LC to bed.  Many tears, rocks, shushes and a vibrating bouncy seat later, she was asleep.  This had started to become a trend.  She goes down for naps so well but bedtime was starting to be a battle.  So we read up on our favorite sleep book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr. Weissbluth and we came to the conclusion we were putting her to bed too late.  So we pushed up bedtime, kept her up for no more than two hours from her last nap and voila! success! We've been starting the bedtime routine around 6:00 and she's nursing to sleep by 6:30.  We've had 3 nights of no crying, no re-waking, solid, all night sleep! Plus, it gives the husband and I a nice dinner time together and a pretty peaceful evening. Now the flip side is that LC is waking up around 6:00 am.  But, honestly, it's a happy trade-off for an easy bedtime routine.  I really see her waking up happier, too.  Maybe because she's getting such better rest at night? And, since she goes back down to nap around 7:30, I can then shower, drink some tea, work on my computer and light a yummy smelling candle, creating my own morning serenity lounge :)

Cheers to a great sleeper, a beautiful baby, a loving aunt and a happy life!


Time to Shop...

I really don't like shopping.  I pretend I do, I dive into stores with fervor and then, inevitably, I leave tired, hungry and defeated.  It's just so not fun.  I wish I had the eye to dig through a sales rack and come out with the cutest clothes that fit and flatter my body (all at 70% off) but I never have that kind of luck.  I end up paying full price for something that I cringe about when I try it on at home (why doesn't it ever look as good as it did in the store?!).  Now that I have a little girl, my anxiety is in full swing.  Now not only do I need to shop for my post-baby body, but I also have the pressure of dressing my darling in the cutest baby clothes.  Major gulp!

When I was pregnant, I didn't have a ton of maternity clothes.  Many of my "regular" clothes fit until near the end of my pregnancy (besides pants...I was out of those at 17 weeks). In the end, I loved have a fixed wardrobe.  I could mix and match, throw on a new scarf over the same black top and voila, a new outfit.  I want that now.  I need that now.  I get paralyzed with decision and end up frustrated with "nothing to wear."

Now, back to my baby.  I found this monthly subscription called Wittlebee.  It's $39 a month and each month you get a box of super cute baby clothes! I pick three things and they pick three things to go into the box.  You mean, someone will pick out clothes for me and I don't have to pour over the racks and websites wondering why baby clothes are only a smidge less expensive than adult clothes?! I can pick the basics, I'm thrilled for someone else to package and send the fun pieces. I have high expectations of this going really well! I'm so excited for my first box to arrive!

Now, back to me :)  I found this website called Tog & Porter and am so interested! You set a budget and a stylist will meet with you over FaceTime and talk about what you need.  They will pull looks/outfits and send them to you (along with ideas on how to mix and match). You FaceTime again with your stylist when your box arrives, talk about the looks and then you keep what you like and send back what you don't.  Are you serious?! This sounds amazing!!!! And, while it's an investment all at once, I swear I would end up spending less than buying different pieces here and there (those small purchases add up so fast!).  I'll keep you posted...but I see myself working with a Tog & Porter stylist very soon!

And, because I love my baby girl more than anything - here is us celebrating her 12 week birthday yesterday!

 And here is LC at 1 week! Our baby girl has grown so much :)


A Day in Our Life at 11 weeks!

LC is 11 weeks old now (ahh, where has time gone!?!).  We're starting to get in a groove and here is a glimpse into what our life is like at this point!

7:15 Wake-up.  LC usually wake up so peacefully and just start babbling to yourself.  She let's us know she's awake but also happy and content giving yourself a little chitter chatter.

7:30 - 8:00 Breakfast.  This is my most favorite time of the day. She is awake, happy, still stretching from getting out of the swaddle and nurses really well.

8:00 - 9:00 We say good-bye to Daddy and then have some play time.  She'll play in her bouncer (which I just pulled out and she loves!), kick around on her playmat or swing while I eat some breakfast.  Then we play together (listen to music, talk together or practice grasping toys).

9:00 - 11:30 Nap.  LC is a great sleeper.  She has been from day 1 in the hospital.  We're starting to see some patterns emerge and she takes two long naps during the day (which I think is unusual for someone her age...I think 3 naps is more typical).  If baby girl doesn't get to sleep when she needs it, she lets you know.  It's time for swaddle, some white noise and her rock 'n play.  While she's a fabulous sleeper, she doesn't just sleep anywhere, anytime.

11:30 - 12:15 Lunch for LC.

12:15 - 1:15 Activity time in the house, walk with Charlie or out to run some quick errands.

1:30 - 4:15 Afternoon nap.

4:15 Meal time for LC

4:30 - 7:30 Play time, music time, more food, books, helps make dinner, long walk with daddy and Charlie

7:30 Bath time.  This is LC's favorite time of the day! She splishes and splashes for so long :)

8:00 Swaddled and eating her last meal before bed.  Thankfully, LC sleeps all night and wakes up happy and ready to go at 7:15!


What I'm Loving Wednesday

It feels wonderful to be linking back up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's all about inspiration these days! I read this quote over at This Kind of Love and knew I had to link-up. This brought tears to my eyes (in the good filled with love way!).

1. I'm loving that my baby girl is 11 weeks old today! She's just perfect and lights up my life more than I thought was possible. LC at 2 weeks and again at 10 weeks.

2. I love LC and her crazy bed head!

3. I love baby girl smiles

4. I love how her daddy makes her laugh and smile

5. I'm loving my postpartum pilates class - even though it's seriously kicking my booty!

6. I'm loving these recipes (and yes, I've tried both!)

7. I'm loving the beautiful blooms I'm seeing outside of my window.

8. I'm loving that I have connected with some great new mom friends!

except we look more like this...

...well a little less Audrey Hepburn and a little more mom :)

9. I'm loving life.  Truly, I feel content and happy and that is a beautiful thing.

10. I love that LC got to visit the river for the first time this weekend.  She got to tickle those little toes in the sand and was seriously the cutest ever.

*obviously not from the beach...but just imagine this cute little girl wondering why something hard and scratchy was touching her feet.  Oh and include the bright bright sun shining so she couldn't even open her eyes (even while wearing a cute floppy hat!). It wasn't the "dream moment" but was still pretty darn cute!



I haven't written in months - three long, beautiful, most incredible in my life months.  I have been thinking of when and how to start back up and was filled with incredible love and inspiration today and knew it was time to write.

Yesterday, evil destroyed a joyous and powerful day for thousands of runners during the Boston Marathon.  As I was watching the news coverage yesterday, I was snuggling my sweet girl and thinking how I would explain something as this as she gets older.  I practiced yesterday and told her that she was safe. I told her that even though some people do bad things, she is always safe with her family.  LC snuggled deeper and sucked on her little hands and I was hit hard by the raw pureness that is my sweet girl.  She deserves all that is good in this world.  I will do everything possible to show her that good and shield her from the evil that can creep into our lives.

Sarah from Fairytales Are True, posted a letter to her son.  It was inspiring and brought tears to my eyes and spoke to my core. Below is her letter and it is the truest of anything I have ever read.

And to my dearest {LC},
one day you will read about yesterday.  maybe in a history book. 
it is a stark reminder that the devil is hard at work. 
You'll have lots of those reminders throughout your life.  I wish this was not the case. 
but you'll also have reminders how good people are.  
how people become the hands and feet of God.  
i hope you know that the story of yesterday also holds:
people running to give blood in the hospital.  people helping in anyway they could.  people running toward the bomb, to help a victim.  
i hope you remember the words of some seemingly silly guy in a sweater who shared his wisdom with all.

may you always be the first to help, lend a hand, give blood.  

your mama

Beauty is in those who help, who serve and who give themselves to others.  My sweet girl, may you always be the first to help,{and} lend a hand...