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Elf NOT on the Shelf

We love, love Christmas! Charlotte is almost three and we were ready to introduce her imaginative little mind to Elf on the Shelf.  We read the book last night, talked about how he is one of Santa's helpers and will fly to our house to watch over us before Christmas.  This morning, she walked downstairs and opened the front door.  "Nope, mama, he didn't come last night.  Maybe he'll come today?"  Sweet girl thought he was going to walk right on through the front door.  I looked up at our lights where Elf was perched and said "I see him!" Charlotte looked up, stared and then I saw the tiniest little quiver of her lip.  She repeated "I'm ok, mama, I'm ok" and then broke out into sobs.  I could see her thoughts - this elf flew into our house?! Is he alive?! He's watching me?! I think there's only so much 'magic' we can introduce at a time...

 I whisked her upstairs and Elf "flew" back to the closet, err, North Pole.  Maybe next year, Elf, maybe next year.

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  1. That's a precious story! Thanks for sharing. Maybe next year!!!


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